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We offer a dedicated lab desk, access to equipment, storage and a community of like-minded lab teams. 

Every quarter, we support two projects with FREE lab space. 


Fill out the application form in the link below and we get back to you with more details.

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Copenhagen's newest laboratory


The laboratory is customizable with basic facilities shared between its users. It is open for everybody with an interest (and skillset) in life science who need a quality space to do their cutting-edge experiments.


Beyond basic facilities, each bench is tailored to your individual need with equipment and consumables required for your experiments. Furthermore, we offer guidance from our extended network of mentors and specialists invited for our weekly office-hours sessions where you can spar with your lab-mates and peers from the REBBLS network.

You will find the cOPEN-LAB located centrally in Copenhagen Science City, close to both university research facilities and the buzzing biotech environment. 

What's in it for me?

Professional lab space


Creative freedom


Services (included)

Services (optional - paid)

Private desk in a modern laboratory 

24x7 access to experiment with your concept

Meeting rooms, Coffee, Postal address

Catered lunch, print/scan

Innovation and Entrepreneurship within Life Science


Access to Equipment 

Get access to equipment and facilities for synthetic biology and biochemistry experiments. Consumables can be purchased from our partner vendors

Mentorship and MatchMaking

Get paired up with a mentor from industry or meet a potential teammate through our immediate and extended network

Intellectual Property Assessment

Understand the potential of your project through basic consultation with our IP strategy partners. Your potential invention is 100% your own.